Light from the High North


Like in the Finnish forest where the natural light interacts with the trees, we designed the lamp to accentuate the natural pattern of the birch wood veneer, which creates the lampshade. While the soft light diffused through the thin sheet of wood gives the room a warm and pleasant atmosphere, the light directed up and down is more pure and functional.


Bending is a natural quality of the wood, this quality is used by the trees to adapt to their environment or by boat builders to manipulate the wood naturally. We used this aspect to inspire the shape and the structure of the lamp. The tension of the lampshade creates a beautiful arc around the light and this same tension hold the source of light in place.


The minimalistic and classic shape of the Finom lamp make it suited for private homes as well as public spaces. It comes in several models and sizes, as floor lamp and also as pendant lamp. Finom wood lamp, designed by Esa Vesmanen, has won the esteemed international Red Dot Award: Product Design.