On December 6th, the Finnish broadcasting corporation Yle began its annual TV warm-up for the Independence Day celebrations at the President’s Palace (one of the most popular broadcasts on Finnish television, almost 3 million viewers every year). Interviewees included both well-known and up-and-coming representatives of architecture, science and the arts.

The Yle studio was decorated entirely with the hottest contemporary Finnish design brands: curtains by Woodnotes, a rug by Saana and Olli – and lighting up the festive but cozy studio were six FINOM birch wood pendants!

Our FINOM lights have been designed according to the principles of sustainability. They represent Finland and Finnish nature in several embassies and private homes around the world.

Finnish birch is rapidly gaining more and more popularity in different contexts beacuse of its versatility and unique ecological qualities. For example, the gown President Niinistö’s wife Jenni Haukio wore at the presidential reception was made of innovative birch fibre fabric.