There are five different types of pendant. The shade is made of thin birch veneer, as is the inner part of the shade. The lamp holder is black. The cord is black and fabric covered.

The pendant is easy to assemble, no tools are required.

Finom Square Pendant Large SPL

Finom Square, large pendant light.

The large square pendant is well suited for lighting up living rooms, kitchens or work spaces. This pendant can also be used alone or together with the smaller pendant (SPS) to give light to dining tables or kitchen tables. The light is ideal for working and dining.

Width 55 cm, height 58 cm, depth 30 cm.

Finom Square Pendant Small SPS

Finom Square, small pendant light.

The smaller square pendant is well suited for lighting up rooms of various sizes. It also works well in a group of several lights. This is a wonderful mood light that also provides an effective downward facing light.

Width 45 cm, height 48 cm, depth 30 cm.

Finom Tall Pendant Medium TPM

Finom Tall pendant, medium size.

The tall pendant looks good on its own or as a group above low tables or in spaces with high ceilings. It can also be used as a bed side light. It’s a wonderful mood light that also provides the light needed for reading before going to sleep.

Width 35 cm, height 62 cm, depth 20 cm.

Finom Wide Pendant Large WPL

Finom Wide pendant, large.

The larger wide pendant is perfect for a conference table or a dining table. It gives a pleasant mood lighting to the sides while providing an effective light up towards the ceiling and down towards the table. It’s a pleasure to be working or enjoying the company of friends in this light.

Width 93 cm, height 36 cm, depth 30 cm.

Finom Wide Pendant Small WPS

Finom Wide pendant, small.

The smaller wide pendant is perfect for smaller tables in a living room or dining space. From the sides, the pendant looks warm and pleasant, while also providing effective lighting upwards and down towards the table. In this light, it’s a pleasure to relax and enjoy the company of friends.

Width 78 cm, height 30 cm, depth 20 cm.