A special collection of FINOM lamps, FINOM x minä perhonen, will be launched and available for purchase at the minä perhonen stores, neutraali and materiaali in Tokyo during the DesignArt Tokyo 2021.

For the special collection, Akira Minagawa, the founder of the Japanese design brand, minä perhonen, collaborated with Esa Vesmanen to create new shapes and patterns for three new lamps in the FINOM light series.

Minagawa engages in design activities that truly integrate into daily life, such as garment making, furniture and tableware designs, and spatial direction of stores and accommodations. He works with a vision with the next one hundred years in mind to produce designs that do not lose their allure over time. Minagawa wants to create designs that bring out the Individual uniqueness and individual happiness in each one of us, not for a special day but for every ordinary day. With a focus on natural materials and handcrafted textile patterns, he aspires to develop new materials and techniques that make the most out of craftsmanship.

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