Creating FINOM


Studying the Wood

FINOM Lights originate in designer Esa Vesmanen’s desire to create an unmatched and evocative light fixture that appreciates wood in a new way. While the usual design process starts from the drawing board, Esa started studying the raw material itself. Finnish birch offers durability, sheerness and flexibility owing to harsh Finnish winters and full midnight sun summers.


Forming the Shape

Esa created a form that is simultaneously lively, springy and still completely faithful to the exquisite qualities of wood. By trial and error, Esa found the shape of FINOM Lights, a fixture that creates warm, tender light in a delicate but durable form.


Starting the Production

In order to take this exclusive creation out to the world, he collaborated with his brother Jukka Vesmanen to start the production of the FINOM Lights. Ever since, the brothers have been on a mission to make FINOM Lights known to the world.


Skillful Carpenters

FINOM Lights uses hand-selected Finnish birch and skillful carpenters to create an individual light to cater to the most demanding needs.


Timeless Design

Enjoy beautiful, clean and timeless design and a piece of Nordic nature at your home with FINOM Lights.

Timeless FINOM Tall Medium Pendant light formShaping timeless FINOM Wide Floor Large lights with Reddot design award