FINOM Lights core team

Promoting and producing FINOM Lights requires quite a team. We are happy to have friends and our families to support us with this huge task. We are grateful for our newly established retail network, agents and customers who keep showing their interest and commitment to our FINOM Lights products (see FINOM retailers and agents). In the background, we work with a small core team that we would like to introduce to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or inquiries!


Esa Vesmanen

Interior Architect SIO, Master of Arts

Owner of Pure Design Oy ( and the Designer of the FINOM Lights

Appreciated, award-winning and highly skilled interior architect with a wide global contact network. Has worked in Finland, France, Italy and the US on several occasions. Always interested in experimenting with new materials and producing new ideas on how to use them. Esa is a warmhearted gentleman, empathetic and a pleasure to work with.

Esa is responsible for FINOM product development and production, and also participates in marketing and sales.

You can reach Esa by email esa(at) or esa.vesmanen(at)


Jukka Vesmanen

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computer Science and Economics, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering

Owner of Innoite Oy ( and the Producer of the FINOM Lights

Highly appreciated and efficient business consultant with a very wide network. Has worked in Finland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden for several years. Interested in new technologies and appliances and developing new solutions and applications. Jukka is well organized and an effective change manager who will deliver what has been agreed.

Jukka is responsible for FINOM production and sales, and also participates in product development and marketing.

You can reach Jukka by email jukka.vesmanen(at) or jukka.vesmanen(at)


Camilla Magnusson

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Strategic Management

Owner of Instanssi Oy ( and the Marketing Manager of the FINOM Lights

Highly knowledgeable business consultant with special skills in analytics and data mining. Has worked with international contacts, customers and projects. Always improving and developing new technologies, methods and processes. Camilla is an empathetic and responsible person with a wizardly type of knowledge of a broad range of subjects.

Camilla is responsible for FINOM marketing and customer relationship management, and also participates in sales and logistics.

You can reach Camilla by email camilla.magnusson(at) or camilla.magnusson(at)


In case you are not sure whom to contact, you can reach us all by email at info(at)